Cynthia Fearing is a native to Los Angeles, California. In 1999,while working full-time at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Cynthia began caring for her mother, Lucy.

In an effort to keep her mothers spirits high, she took Lucy to an art exhibit where they met a gourd artist. Having been raised in the country in Virginia, her mother used gourds as dippers for the water well and wanted to learn more about the art of gourds. With little interest in gourds herself, in 2001, Cynthia arranged to have a class for her mother and friends to learn how to work with gourds and make them into art pieces. Little did she know that introducing her mom to the art, she would find a passion of her own through this art, as well.

Cynthia began making purses with the gourd and wearing them with pride. The reaction from men, women and children was amazing. Several bags later, in 2001 Cynthia and a friend founded G3 Relative Art.

Each G3 bag is a wearable work of art bursting with funk, flavor and style for both women and men. The bags, lined with leather and suede, were soon gracing the arms of celebrities, found in boutiques, magazines and being talked about and seen on TV.

The G3 logo stands for God Given Gifts and God's pottery...gourds. "Relative Art" is the belief that art is relative to the beholder.

In 2007, Lucy's health took a downward turn and Cynthia paused to care for her mother until she transitioned in 2009. In wanting to honor her mother's urn from a gourd. This proved to be cathartic and healing for her. It was one of the final gift she could give. 

As she reflects, Cynthia is so grateful to her mother for introducing her to gourds; an the urns have now become another product in her line of gourd art for G3 Relative Art.

In 2012, Cynthia emerged as sole owner of G3 Relative Art with renewed creative energy. Having fashioned new bag designs, she has also added home decor items, which includes wall hangings, tabletop art, vases, planters, magnets and jewelry from gourds. 

Cynthia plans to pass on her knowledge by sharing this art form with younger generations, teaching them the history of gourds...God's pottery. And to help them find their God given gift like she has.